How To Optimize Your OTA Hotel Profile For More Exposure

In the present competitive tourism industry, the challenge is to stay on the top and make your hotel’s presence noticeable on the web. This is a real task.

Online Travel Agents (OTA) plays an important role and is of remarkable use in the hotel industry. Maintaining your hotel’s OTA profile in an accurate and simplified manner can simply fetch you more customers booking for your hotel, which would directly emerge as increased hotel sales. Exhibiting the quality and overall temperament of your brand on the web is a basic and unchallenging task but has a great importance in obtaining benefits. We are here for providing the OTA listing assistance and all kind of support regarding the web interface of your hotel. Here we have explained some ways and strategy to optimize the OTA profile of your hotel:

Provide Precise and Detailed Facts

The most basic task is laying out the accurate information regarding the availability of vacant rooms, occupancy rate and real time prices of the hotel. Room availability in a hotel must be showcased on your OTA’s profile. Details about check-in and check-out time, food services and other amenities like Wi-Fi, availability of parking, etc.

The nature of prices in the hotel industry is surely not constant, they vary rapidly and the hoteliers must take care of it by uploading the fresh tariffs on their OTA profile to avoid overbooking and confusions.

Overall Profile Get-up: Attractive Photos and Text

A random person searching for a hotel on the Internet can get attracted towards the one, which has pleasing and interesting pictures and subject matter. Showcase the professionally clicked photographs or videos covering the entire hotel premises (rooms, washrooms, lobby, elevator and reception area, restaurant etc.) on your OTA profile. Attractive one-liners can be written on your profile; they may include ongoing and upcoming discount offers, exciting deals and special packages.

Feedback: Ratings and Reviews

Abstractly, people who have stayed in your hotel are your asset. Ratings and the reviews given by them depend on the quality of the stay and their overall experience of engaging with your hotel.

It is found that majority of the people booking a hotel online especially through OTAs refer to ratings and the reviews given by the previous guests. These are the reliable sources of information as they come directly from the actual visitors at the property. These reviews must be taken care of significantly as they play a crucial role in the decision making of the people searching for a hotel on the web. Reviews can be both positive and negative. The duty of the hotel is to respond in kind to all the reviews and significantly seek to resolve issues of the people who gave the negative ratings.

Advertise in a Smart Way

The number of hotels which are listed on a single travel website are countless, resulting in vast competition to rank better in the search results. OTA listing is an important factor, which helps to optimize your profile on the travel sites. Advertisement plays a key role in enhancing your OTA profile and your overall Internet presence. Advertisement models like Pay-per-click, ads on famous webpages, etc. can be opted so as to gain public attention and more exposure.

Associate with OTAs Directly

The executives of the OTAs on the Internet can be of great help. You can reach out to them for any kind of OTA listing help. Utilizing your connection with the marketing managers and other officials of these websites can have good results. They have deep knowledge about the strategies in the travel industry. They understand the market tactfully and the ongoing trends and preferences of tourists. And accordingly, these executives can assist you with the required changes.

Thus, to obtain quality exposure, yield higher profits, increase in the bookings, gain more attention on the Internet, optimizing your OTA Hotel profile is must. For further information in this regard, we suggest you to directly contact us.