How to minimize losses of "Pay at Hotel" bookings?

It is very vital for hotels to keep high occupancy at maximum Average Room Rate. To do so, hoteliers need to be flexible and must allow "Pay at Hotel" bookings which has become very popular among the bookers. While doing so, hoteliers must ensure that they do not incur losses from No-Shows, last minute cancellations or invalid credit cards.

eGlobe Channel Manager solves this problem smartly.

Card Validation

eGlobe Channel Manager validates the credit card as soon as it receives any "Pay at Hotel" bookings. If the card provided by the guest is invalid, it alerts the hoteliers via an email and at the same time sends a payment request with payment gateway link to customer.

Auto Card Capture

  • eGlobe Channel Manager gives an option to Hotel to charge the card automatically or manually.
  • In Auto Card Capture, the hotel can set a predetermined date or time to charge the card any time before or at check-in date.

Manual Card Capture

  • A hotel can charge the card manually from eGlobe Channel Manager till 2 days after checkout date.
  • All these charges directly reflect in pro-forma invoices of eGlobe Channel Manager.

How to active Card Capture facility for my hotel?

The process is very simple, eGlobe will ask the payment gateway company to send the list of documents to activate this facility. Once the documents are completed, the payment gateway company will issue a Merchant Code for your property which will get connected with your channel manager account. All the payment will get settled directly from payment gateway company to your hotels bank account within 24 business hours.

What are the charges?

The TDR for these transactions will be 4% + GST. There are no setup fees or AMC, however the payment gateway company may ask a refundable deposit as guarantee depending on the hoteliers relationship with the bank.

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